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Главная > Иностранные языки > Система Revolution Dual6 - (реферат)

Иностранные языки : Система Revolution Dual6 - (реферат)

Система Revolution Dual6 - (реферат)

Дата добавления: март 2006г.

For many large departments, small companies, and internet providers, one or two Pentium Pro chips can easily provide enough processing power to handle their daily network traffic. Most single and dual processing servers, however, can't even begin to accommodate the storage requirements of these users. And that's why we've developed the ALR REVOLUTION DUAL6. With support for up to two 200-MHz Pentium Pro chips and up to Nineteen Drives, me Revolution Dual6 is the system of choice for network supervisors with limited budgets and massive data storage requirements.

For enhanced throughput in more demanding networking environments, the ALR Revolution Dual6 is available with Intel's new 200/512 processor. The larger level two cache integrated onto this chip makes it an ideal choice for demanding multiprocessor/multiuser applications.

Engineered in compliance with Intel's MP spec vl. 1 and 1. 4, the Revolution Dual6 offers compatibility with SMP versions of all popular network operating systems. With its advanced Pentium Pro technology, it's also an ideal platform for next generation operating system such as Windows NT Server 4. 0 and Novell Netware 4. 1 SMP.

Still, what really makes this system stand out is it's amazing storage capabilities. Featuring virtually the same design as our Award-winning Revolution Q-SMP and Revolution Quad6 servers, the system offers a total of fourteen drive bays. Add five optional ALR Quick HotSwap II drive cages, and that number increases to nineteen.

With all five cages and an appropriate RAID controller installed, the Revolution Dual6 supports over 30-GB of removable data storage. Utilized in a RAID 5 configuration, it offers massive storage capabilities and on-line rebuilding and replacement of failed drives. If your company lives and dies by its database, the ALR Revolution Dual6 has the enhanced data security and access you need, at a price you can afford.

Of course, not all companies require such a large volume of hot-swappable storage. ALR Quick HotSwap II cages can be added one at a time, providing maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications. Without any HotSwap drive cages installed, the Revolution Dual6 sports eleven available 5. 25" drive bays. This design makes the Revolution Dual6 an ideal server for library management, document retrieval, and other applications requiring multiple CD-ROM drives. The VO design of the ALR Revolution Dual6 was also engineered to keep your options open. To maintain compatibility with the widest variety of popular I/O cards, the ALR Revolution Dual6 includes both a dual PCI bus architecture and a 32-bit EISA bus.

With two PCI busses, the Revolution Dual6 can support up to seven high speed 32-bit devices. Full bus mastering is available on all slots, making this system an ideal home for high performance SCSI controllers and other intelligent add-ons. To accommodate your existing enhancement cards, the system board also includes four EISA/ISA bus slots. Three of these slots share a position with three of the PCI slots, giving me Revolution Dual6 a maximum capacity of eight enhancement boards.

This innovative I/O design is matched by an extraordinarily generous memory subsystem. The ALR Revolution Dual6 comes standard with 64-MB of RAM, upgradeable to a whopping 1-GB. That's enough RAM to easily handle the demands of dozens of users. Of course, with this many users dependent on a system, memory integrity is at a premium. And that's why the Revolution Dual6 employs ECC (error checking and correcting) technology.

And like our award-winning Revolution Quad6 servers, Revolution Dual6 comes standard with ALR InforManager. This integrated hardware management system flags potential problems before they lead to lost data and component damage. Optional redundant power supplies, each with independent line-in power, further reduce the chance of downtime.

And to protect both your data and hardware against unauthorized access, the ALR Revolution Dual6 includes a number of integrated security features. Locking front panels and three levels of password protection provide a first line of defense, while an array of built-in security sensors sound the alarm in the event of unauthorized intruders.

But even with all these security features, maintaining and upgrading the ALR Revolution Dual6 is easy. To access1/0cards, processors, and memory, simply unlock the right side of the chassis and remove three screws. The opposite side of the chassis can also be removed, for easy installation of drives and other devices. And to make working on this system as easy as possible, we've even equipped the ALR Revolution Dual6 with a set of heavy duty wheels.

This attention to detail is just another example of the quality engineered into every ALR Revolution Dual6. Quality that ALR backs with its industry leading 5 year/36 month warranty, and a full three years of free on-site service. It all adds up to the ideal system for your storage hungry network. To get a closer look, visit your local ALR reseller. Or call:


With32-bit applications and operating systems such as Windows NT rapidly becoming the business standard, there’s an undeniable need for a new class of corporate computer. Which is why ALR engineeredthe ALR EVOLUTION DUAL6 DT professional corporate workstation. Inspired by ALR’s award-winning servers, this system features powerful 180 or 200-MHZ Pentium Pro technology, support for true Dual Processing, and server class auto-recovery features. It’s ideal for the most intense 32-bit business applications as well as any desktop environment demanding both uncompromised performance and extensive flexibility.

Engineered by ALR to take full advantage of Intel’s most powerful Pentium Pro chips, the Evolution Dual6 DT supports either 256 or 512-KB of integrated L2 cache running at full CPU speed. The result is a level of 32-bit performance that far exceeds even the fastest Pentium processor-based PCs. And should you ever need even more power, the ALR EVOLUTION DUAL6 DT offers a simple upgrade path to MP Spec v1. 1 and v1. 4 compliant dual processing. Of course, sheer power alone isn’t enough when you are looking for a corporate desktop. You need a system that you can depend on day-in and day-out. Which is why every Evolution Dual6 DT features ALR InforManager system management technology. Utilizing 17 integrated sensors, InforManager monitors several critical aspects of system operation, including cooling fan status, system voltage, and temperature. If any of these areas fall out of spec, InforManager automatically issues an alert. This early warning system gives users the ability to correct system problems before they lead to extensive downtime and costly component damage.

But perhaps one of the most unique aspects of ALR InforManager is it’s ActiveCPRTMprocessor protection and failure recovery system. In a dual processor equipped ALR Evolution Dual6 DT, ActiveCPR can actually circumvent potential CPU failures with almost no interruption to system operation. If a Pentium Pro chip appears to be in trouble, ActiveCPR will issue a user warning and initiate a safe auto-shutdown of the operating system. ActiveCPR will then take the questionable processor off-line and restart the OS. All without user intervention. In the event of a CPU fan failure, this technology can even protect your valuable Pentium Pro chips from expensive thermal damage.

To keep your data as reliable as your system, the Evolution Dual6 DT employs server class ECC (Error Checking and Correcting) memory technology. And with 8 SIMM sockets, it supports anywhere from 16-MB up to a massive 1-GB of system memory. That’s four times the capacity of most competitive systems. The I/O subsystem mirrors this same flexibility. Four bus-mastering PCI slots let you take advantage of the latest “performance-based” PCI add-ons, while four ISA slots provide compatibility with your existing ISA boards. Two PCI Enhanced IDE interfaces are also integrated on to the system board, so you can control a combination of up to four hard drives or CD-ROM drives without having to purchase expensive additional controllers.

Thank you for choosing Micron Electronics. Our worldwide reputation for excellence is based on the satisfaction of the demanding computer user. As a growing leader in the computer industry, Micron is ready to meet the changing needs of every PC user throughout the world. From corporate networks to personal computing, Micron is the choice.

Our desktop, portable, workstation and server products are setting a new standard for performance, excellence and reliability. Micron invests heavily in the latest production equipment available for our manufacturing facility. This cutting-edge manufacturing technology ensures the high quality of our products. Reliability is the result of superior quality.

As a customer of Micron Electronics, you have one of the most reliable, technically advanced solutions to worldwide computing. We take pride in the superior design of our PCs and build them to meet the highest industry specifications.

I invite you to call your local Micron distributor to discover a new standard in PC solutions.

    Josef M. Daltoso
    Chairman and CEO
    A Legacy of Precision Manufacturing

Micron Electronics is a state-of-the-art PC manufacturing company building a worldwide reputation for technical superiority in computing technology. Nearly 20 years ago, our parent company, Micron Technology, emerged as a prominent leader of innovative memory chip design and engineering, setting new standards of manufacturing excellence. When you buy a Micron'" system, you're getting a great machine, built on a solid reputation, designed with the latest components and engineered for power and performance.

Designed for demanding users, Micron PCs are some of the most reliable you can buy. Our Powerdigm'" workstation series, powered by Micron's exclusive Samurai™ chip set, is ready for the demanding world of digital, CAD, simulation or software development. The award-winning Millennia® desktop series is designed for power users needing a solid, high-performance system on the cutting edge of technology. Or, our award-winning Transport® portable computers are ideal for demanding, high-end power on the move.

Designed for the rigors of daily organizational use, Micron's network capabilities are astounding. From our pre-configured NetFRAME® servers to our network-ready ClientPro® PCs, Micron is ready to design a worry-free network for your business, and back it up with award-winning technical support. As the world comes together in a growing network of computer configurations, Micron is dedicated to providing you the computer system you need regardless of where you live. Our strong worldwide presence grows daily as people connect with Micron's outstanding computer products and excellent service. We invite you to contact your local distributor for additional information about the latest Micron products and services and discover what makes Micron a better solution.

Sporting a unique upgrade path to dual Pentium™ processing and boasting speeds up to 200-MHz with 32-KB of high performance integrated cache, the ALR Revolution MP II+™ is the system of choice for growing networks and expansion hungry power users. With integrated hardware management and amazing flexibility, this remarkable system is the perfect server for companies with small budgets but big plans. In its most basic configuration, the Revolution offers affordable, 133-MHz, Pentium technology. Its 512-KB pipeline burst level 2 cache works with the Revolution's finely tuned memory subsystem, to exploit the true performance potential of this economical processor.

But what sets this server apart from other systems in its class is its extraordinarily flexible upgrade path. When you add more users or increase the complexity of your network applications, you can increase processing power by simply replacing your current Pentium chip with a 166- or 200-MHz Intel Pentium® Processor with MMX Technology. Featuring a larger 32-KB integrated LI cache, these state-of-the-art Pentium processors accelerate network applications for smoother user access. For even more power, you can plug in a second processor, instantly upgrading the Revolution MP II+ into a dual processing Pentium super server. Designed in strict compliance with Intel's MP Spec v 1. 4 multiprocessing standard, the Revolution MP II+ is fully compatible with "off-the-shelf multiprocessing versions of the most popular multiuser operating systems. And with room for up to 512-MB of ECC (Error Checking and Correcting) RAM, the ALR Revolution MP II+ has the memory expandability and integrity these operating systems demand.

Power like this makes the Revolution MP II+ a natural for mission critical small business/ departmental applications. And that's why it's been fortified with ALR InforManager, ALR's advanced hardware management system. Using an array of integrated sensors, ALR InforManager monitors key environmental data such as processor temperature and system voltage. If these areas fall out of spec, ALR InforManager automatically issues a warning, giving operators a chance to correct problems before they lead to lost data, excessive downtime, and component damage.

Complementing this forward thinking design is the Revolution MP II+'s surprisingly expandable chassis. An extended PCI-to-PCI bus design yields six PCI local bus slots, three EISA bus slots and one shared PCI/EISA slot. Loaded with ten drive bays, the Revolution MP II+ can accommodate gigabytes of storage. Five of these bays are accessible from the front, giving the Revolution MP II+ plenty of room for removable hard drives, CD ROM drives, and tape backups. An integrated, local bus IDE interface supports up to four fast IDE hard drives as well as IDE CD ROM drives. For even greater performance and security, we offer a variety of 32-bit SCSI array options, along with the ALR Quick Hot Swap kit. This option is the easy way to add up to 10-GB ofhot-swap-pable, RAID 5 compliant data storage to your Revolution MP II+. Designed for mission critical network applications, die Revolution provides several levels of defense against both intentional and unintentional misuse. Its keyboard lock protects network operation against careless fingers, while other features, such as its locking metal chassis, are designed to guard against more active forms of misuse. Other extras, such as multiple levels of password protection and diskette write and boot controls, provide an even greater layer of defense.

If you've got big plans for your business, visit your local ALR reseller and ask about the ALR Revolution MP II+. Or call ALR at:


Давая уникальную возможность для модернизации до системы, основанной на обработке данных двумя процессорамиPentium ™ с тактовой частотой оных до 200-MHz с высокопроизводительными объединенными 32 КБ кэш памяти, ALR Revolution MP II+™- система выбора для растущих сетей и расширения голодных пользователей. Обладая объединенным аппаратным управлением и удивительной гибкостью, эта замечательная система является совершенным сервером для компаний с маленькими бюджетами, но большими планами.

В своей основной конфигурации Revolution MP II+ предлагает доступную технологию Pentium с тактовой частотой процессора 133-MHz. Его pipeline burst level 2 cache с 512 КБ памяти работает с точно настроенной подсистемой памяти Revolution MP II+, что позволяет достигнуть истинного быстродействия этого экономичного процессора.

Но что выделяет этот сервер от других систем в своем классе - это необычайно гибкая путь модернизации. Увеличивая количество пользователей или усложняя ваши сетевые приложения, вы можете увеличить мощность обработки простой заменой текущего процессораPentium с частотой 166- или 200-MHz на Intel Pentium ® процессор с MMX технологией. Характеризуясь большим 32-КБайтным объединенным кэшом уровня LI, эти Pentiumпроцессоры ускоряют сетевые приложения для более гладкого доступа для пользователя. Для еще большей мощи, вы можете вставить второй процессор, мгновенно модернизируяRevolution MP II+ в двухпроцессорный Pentiumсупер сервер. Разработанный в строгом соответствии со стандартом мультиобработки фирмыИнтел MP Spec v 1. 4, Revolution MP II+ полностью совместим с имеющимися мультипроцессорными версиями наиболее популярных многопользовательских операционных систем. Обладая свободной памятью типаRAM до 512 МБ для системы проверки ошибок и коррекции, ALR Revolution MP II+имеет требуемуемые этими опрерационными системами целостность и расширяемость памяти.

Мощь, подобная этой, делает Revolution MP II+естественным для mission critical small business/departmental приложений. И именно поэтому он был укреплен с помощьюALR InforManager -продвинутой системой аппаратного управления. Используя множество объединенных датчиков, ALR InforManagerконтролирует такие ключевые данные как температуры процессора и системное напряжение. Если в соответствии сSpec какое-либо значение выходит за границу допустимого, то ALR InforManagerавтоматически выдает предупреждение, предоставляя операторам возможность исправить проблемы прежде, чем они приведут к потерям данным, чрезмерному времени простоя, и повреждению аппаратного компонента.

Эту передовую мыслящую систему дополняет удивительно расширяемая база(шасси). Удлиненная база системной шиныPCI-to-PCI дает шесть PCI локальных слотов, три EISA слота и один разделенный PCI/EISA слот. Имея десять дисковых ниш, Revolution MP II+ может разместить гигабайты информации. Пять из этих ниш доступны спереди, давая Revolution MP II+ множество пространства для съемных жестких дисков, CD-ROM и ленточных накопителей. Объединенный локальный IDE интерфейс поддерживает до четырех как быстрых IDE жестких дисков, так и CD-ROMнакопителей. Для еще большего быстродействия и безопасности, мы предлагаем широкое разнообразие 32-битныхSCSI опций, среди которых ALR Quick Hot Swap kit. Данная опция - легкий способ прибавить до 10-ГБ hot-swap-pable, RAID 5 - послушное хранения данных для вашего Revolution MP II+. Разработанный для mission critical сетевых приложений, Revolution MP II+ обеспечивает несколькими уровнями защиты против как преднамеренного, так и неумышленного неправильного употребления. Его клавиатурный замок защищает сеть от небрежных пальцев, в то время как другие особенности, типа блокирующего металлического шасси, предназначены против более активных форм неправильного употребления. Другие дополнения, как например многоуровневая защита паролями, а также контролирование записи на дискету и загрузки с нее, обеспечивают даже больший пласт защиты.

Если у вас большие планы относительно бизнеса, то посетите вашего местного ALR перепродавца и распросите его касательно ALR Revolution MP II+. Или позвоните: 800-444-4ALR

Looking for the ultimate corporate PC? The ALR EVOLUTION DUAL6puts the advanced power of ALR's award-winning superservers right on your desktop. Boasting an ultra fast 200-MHz Pentium Pro chip and support for Dual Processing Pentium Protechnology the ALR EVOLUTION DUAL6 is the most powerful desktop platform for today's complex 32-bit operating systems. Its workstation class performance makes it an ideal choice for data analysis, CAD, 3D animation, and any other environment where both performance and flexibility are at a premium. Yet it's affordable enough to tackle your everyday business applications as well. Tо achieve this amazing performance, ALR engineered a system board that takes full advantage of Intel's most powerful processor. Featuring 200-MHz speed with either 256- or 512-KB of integrated L2 cache, the Evolution Dual6 easily outperforms the fastest Pentium processor-based systems. Combined with a high performance graphics subsystem, it even challenges higher priced RISC workstations.

Need even more power? The ALR EVOLUTION DUAL6 was one of the first systems in the world capable of supporting multiple Pentium Pro chips. Designed specifically for 32-bit operating systems such as Windows NT, Novell NetWare 4. 1 SMP, and UNIX, the Evolution Dual6 makes upgrading to MP Spec vl. 1 and vl . 4 dual processing as simple as plugging in a second Pentium Pro chip. Of course, sheer power alone isn't enough when you're looking for a corporate desktop. And that's why ALR has engineered the Evolution Dual6 to be one of the most reliable and flexible personal computers in the industry. For example, just take a look at this system's memory subsystem. The ALR Evolution Dual6 employs a sophisticated ECC (Error Checking and Correcting) memory design, giving it the data integrity of a Ugh end server. And talk about flexible. With 8 SIMM sockets, it supports from 16-MB up to a massive 1-GB of system memory. That's four times the capacity of most competitive systems. Even the I/O subsystem was designed for performance and flexibility. Four bus-mastering PCI slots let you take advantage of the latest "intelligent" PCI add-ons, resulting in even better overall system performance. Four ISA slots (one shares a position with a PCI slot) provide compatibility with your existing ISA boards.

With six drive bays, including three externally accessible 514" bays, the ALR Evolution Dual6 has room for CD-ROMs, removable drives, and several gigabytes worth of data storage. Two PCI Enhanced IDE interfaces are integrated on to the system board, so you can control up to four devices without having to purchase expensive additional controllers. This interface even supports the latest PIO Mode 4 Enhanced IDE drives and ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drives.

To keep all this hardware running as dependably as possible, the ALR EVOLUTION DUAL6 employs ALR


This integrated hardware management system offers thermal tracking and protection, system voltage tracking, and a variety of other features designed to prevent costly downtime and increase overall system longevity. It's like having the power and reliability of one of our award-winning Revolution servers sitting right on your desktop.

It's the power you've been waiting for. So why wait any longer? For the ALR reseller nearest you, call:


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